A boy named Bennett

Last Thursday I opened an email that came from Lifeline.  I knew that it held a list of the waiting children on their list.  Part of me knew better than to look, but I did it anyway.  And toward the bottom of the list a precious little boy reached out and grabbed my heart.

(No, we're not adopting again.  Not yet anyway.  Ian and I both suspect that one day we will.  But right now, for a multitude of reasons, is not the time.)

Anyway, Bennett  caught my attention.  His face looked...well...dare I say?  He looked somehow so familiar.  And what made me really take a second look was his diagnosis.

Congenital glaucoma.

Just over a year ago I thought that glaucoma automatically meant blindness.  Oh how much I've learned since then!

Back then I would have thought, "what a shame that such a darling child has glaucoma" and passed right over him on the list.  (I shudder to think how our lives may have been different right now if Darcy had been diagnosed specifically with glaucoma in her referral paperwork).

But now I'm armed with real information.  And I know that it is treatable.

Is it complicated?  Sure.
(See "An Acronym" and "My Baby's Eyes" for basic glaucoma details).

But what part of parenting isn't?

The point is that glaucoma is manageable.

While we were in China this last time we were told by our guide that children with vision issues are frequently among the children that wait the longest for their forever families.  I don't know if that is true, but it makes sense.  We as humans rely so heavily on our sight.

And then I noticed something I thought was strange to say about a four year old boy.  It said, "Bennett can walk without help.  He can call father and mother..."  I thought to myself, "Well I would hope so if his issue is glaucoma..." 

Then I noticed that his bio information was written in October of 2007.  That means that Bennett has been "paper ready" and waiting for his forever family to come for 2 1/2 years now. 

We have realized that Bennett isn't part of the M______ family.  But he is on our hearts and we feel compelled to pray for him and advocate for his forever family to find him. 

And if God is not calling you to bring Bennett home as part of your forever family, would you please join with me in praying that his family will find him soon!  Because for some reason, as we prepare to head home to be with family for Easter, it is killing me to know that Bennett is waiting for his...

**I have wonderful things to say about Lifeline.  Email me at if you want any information about them as an agency or want to learn more about pediatric glaucoma.  Their China rep can likely get more specific information about how his glaucoma has been treated thus far if necessary.  Lifeline has his file until April 16 and then his referral will go to the shared list.  (At least I pray it will go to the shared list and that Lifeline isn't his last chance at having a family).**
Bennett can


Melissa said...

Kristi - oh, how this post spoke to our heart. We are in the process of starting again, but don't even know where to begin. We know we are being called to adopt again, and Matthew's brother or sister is out there somewhere. Can you pray for us as well that God leads us to the right place to help us get started? We are unsure of the new Hague rules, shared list, etc...much love to you all this Easter week-end!

Jess Danielson said...

Oh Kristi-got me with this one. We will pray for Bennett too. Our guide in China told us that our Gabe waited a long time on the list :-( I wish we were ready again...Praying that his family finds him soon!!


Nicole said...

I will pray with you!!

Heather said...

What a sweet boy - I still check in on the waiting sites from time to time so I have seen his face already. I will join you in praying that his family steps forward soon. My heart was so burdened for our little guy when I realized his file would be sent back (before we asked for it of course, ha) not knowing when or IF his file would make it's way to the shared list. His info is also almost THREE years old - he waited soooooooo long. Do you know if his file can be accpeted by a non LID family? I will advocate for him on my other groups - I will be praying!

Lilly said...

praying for Bennett that he will be finding his forever family very soon. we all know that HE will found Bennett a family to call his own, just as GOD call all of us his/her children.

Nancy said...

Praying in PA for Bennett!

The Ferrill's said...

Thank you for advocating for him, Kristi! I pray for all of them...
I'm catching up, and whew! I've missed a lot! A new ride? NICE! I'm so thankful yall were not hurt in that collision with the deer. Gracious, that makes me so nervous. Thank you Lord that our new China buddies are okay!
The grandkids in the bathtub and on the couch? your mom is one blessed grandmama!!!!!!!!! They all just shine joy!
I've been praying for Darcy and will especially be praying Wednesday!!!!!!!!

Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres said...

Praying for Bennett and all other children dealing with this and wanting mommies and daddies.