Our New Ride

Why you ask do I have a brand new Chevy Tahoe (seriously, only 268 miles on it when we pulled in and still has the protective plastic on the door handles outside) sitting in my driveway in the place of my "still pretty new to me" Toyota Sienna?  

Oh, wait, did I forget the word temporary?

Let me try again.

Our New, Temporary Ride

There, that's better.  Cause I'm sure that the honeymoon with this joker (fully loaded with even the remote start option ~ where was this baby that bitter cold week in January?) will end as soon as I have to refill the gas tank.

Back to why.

Well, it has to do with an unfortunate encounter between our (estimated) 5000 pound Sienna and an (estimated) 200 pound deer.

It happened in the wee hours Monday night (Mama always told me nothing good comes out of being out after curfew ~ you were right Mama!) on our way home from greeting my sister's family at the airport in my hometown.

While the Sienna won the war (it was horrible, don't ask), the deer inflicted some parting shots and the hood latch was bent beyond repair, the radiator was cracked, and the fan for the cooling system was broken in three pieces.

The good news is that two of our three children slept through the entire incident.  And the third only woke up because I screamed.  Thankfully she has bad eyesight on the side and most likely didn't see anything.  So that means that no humans were even remotely injured (well, Ian and I were a bit emotionally injured ~ that's a visual I just can't shake).

AND the van was running so we just kept driving.  (I mean, what else do you do when you hit a deer while traveling 55 mph on a deserted highway at 12:45 am?) 

AND a hitting a deer does not count as collision, so no points will be put on our insurance.

AND we have a low deductible right now, so $100 is going to cover all the repairs which include a new fan, radiator, bumper, fixing the hood... (over $1800 at this point).

AND that while I drove around town for three days in the warm spring weather it didn't go ahead and overheat or lock up the engine.

The bad news is that we don't carry insurance to cover a rental car.  Ugh!  There went meeting the budget for April...

(Oh, and yeah, we know the Tahoe is not the cheapest rental out there.  But you tried to rent a vehicle at last minute notice for a holiday weekend lately?  We took what we could get!)

At least the kids are getting a big kick out of their seating arrangement!


Nancy said...

Oh my gosh! I am glad you are ok. Deer accidents are very scary.

Anonymous said...

Get some of those deer whistles that go on your bumper. My Xterra seemed to attract deer (hit 2 and nearly missed many). I haven't had a problem since i put the whistles on. You can get them in any automotive department (in WalMart, Target...).
Sorry to hear about Sienna meets Bambi, but at least you get this sweet ride for a short time. :-)
Glad no one was hurt (well, at least no humans).
Stephanie Y

Cindy M said...

Okay, well, it coulda been a bear.

I know that's not all that funny...yet. I'm seriously SO thankful you're all okay.

And, hey, look...a vehicle that does seat all three car seats in one row! Hee.

Anonymous said...

Oh deer... sorry had to! ;-) Seems the wildlife were out in abundance because I was within a few yards of getting personal with an elk on my drive Sunday night. I'm glad both of us are only bearing emotional scars rather than something worse. Enjoy your new ride!

Angela said...

Ugggh. Seems like our vans are similar in more ways than one. We were in the area for less than a month before we hit a deer. (Or should I say he hit us?) We still have a lovely dent in our passenger door as a keepsake from the experience!

Glad you all were OK!

Amanda said...

Man - that stinks - - - I am glad that you are all OK.

Melissa said...

Oh my, this must have been so scary! I am so glad that you all are ok, that wasn't what you needed! What is it about late night airport accidents? My Mom's car was hit in the airport parking lot!!! I do like your nice ride, though:). Enjoy it while you can!!!

Jess Danielson said...

Oh those deer!!! I am so glad everyone was ok, but such a bummer that your car took such a beating!! Enjoy he awesome wheels while they last!!!

Serving the King said...

Praise the Lord no one was injured! Whew! How scary!! I had a friend in high school who hit a deer while driving his little passenger car, the deer became airborne upon impact and lodged itself directly into the entire front windshield. Crazy! Enjoy your new ride, I'm sure it will be so hard to give back!!!

Glenda said...

Oh, I'm jealous that you get to have "new car smell" Have a wonderful Easter!

Ally said...

Oh My! I am so glad everyone is okay. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!! Nothing sweeter than having 3 sugar high kids running around:)

Wife of the Pres. said...

Kristi, I am so thankful you all were not hurt! There was a tragic accident here about a month ago with a deer. The father was driving with his 3 children in the backseat of a 4-door car at night on a road near our home. The deer came through the windshield and the child in the middle seat perished. Everyone around town was in shock and very saddened by the news. The little girl was 8 years old.

And I am so thankful that you have THREEE blessings from China! Are you still pinching yourself? I can't imagine but I'm trying! ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am so glad that you are all okay...physically! We will pray for that mental picture you still have :)
Jen Brayley

Tricia said...

You know, you could have come closer to meeting the budget had you gone ahead and loaded that deer up and brought it home to be processed for dinner. I think Todd did that once to a deer June hit. How gross is that???

Anonymous said...

The first thought I had was the same as Tricia. Being from Hickory and all we wouldn't let that good fresh meat go to course Tricia Kristi would have to have her deer deboned...:) Anyway, glad you guys are safe. Enjoy the weekend ride....


Grandma Shultz said...

Praise God none of you were hurt and that you will be able to come home for Easter. God is sooo good!
Know the kids are delighted about being to sit side by side - all three!
Love, LaoLao

Ann Marie said...

Oh my, life is never dull is it.

TanyaLea said... glad everyone is okay. It's amazing the damage those deer can do!

Love the photo of the kids in their carseats enjoying their new ride, though. Have fun with it while you can!! :)

Our Journey said...

Just glad everyone was ok! Scary!