Wesley Weekend ~ Toddler time at Caboose Park

Last weekend was Wesley Weekend at VT. We didn't get to go last year, so getting there was pretty high priority for us this year. It is always wonderful to reconnect with the folks that Ian spent so much time with during his college years. I wasn't a Hokie (I was an Elon Fighting Christian before the Phoenix of Elon's "University" Days.) but his group accepted me as one and always made me feel like I belonged there.

More and more of us now have toddlers and so part of the weekend includes "Toddler Time" at Caboose Park. It's so fun to watch kids who either have never met or haven't seen one another for a year or two interact with one another. I think we as adults could take lessons... It was pretty hot, but totally worth the sweat to let Kylie and Caleb have some play time!

Why, why, why do kids feel the need to climb up a slide?
Kylie delared it to be "too hot" and wanted to "take a break in the sade to cool off!" I just love her expression as she contemplated what to do next, and I totally love that I finally caught her dimple. If only I had the time/desire to figure out photoshop to get rid of the random leg in the background...
Kylie then asked me to get in the boat with her as she drove us. I asked where we were going and she answered, "da beech" but then turned a minute or two later and said, "Can we take a boat to China? Cause if we can that's where we're going." Hmm, I'm starting to detect a theme...
This picture doesn't show the boat, but it does show Kylie's personality!
Caleb in the meantime had partnered up with Luke and their "same style old school" shirts were too cute. Caleb's personality shines through in this picture as it shows him in motion. I tried to take this picture five times and this one the only time Caleb wasn't a blur of motion! We also had to laugh about Caleb's shirt being so faded, it has gone through four kids now and is more purple than it is "Chicago Maroon." Gotta find that kid a new Hokie shirt in a size 2T!
And of course our time at the park ended in the sand box. If we put one in at our house we may never have to leave our backyard again! I think he is going to LOVE the beach.
Nothing like the sensation of sand running through your fingers!


chiltown said...

Yay for Elon grads! ;-)
Kylie and Caleb are just beautiful!

love, the Chiltons

Laurie said...

I love it that Kylie is already tan in May! :) We don't have that kind of heat yet, but the sun is sure shining today- outside time will be a MUST! :) Great shots of the kids today- they are adorable!

Anonymous said...

You have two of the most beautiful kids! They are so precious!

I remember a time when you weren't using a slide properly and lost a tooth for it! Of course the other kid was part of the problem, but... if you were sliding on your bottom you would have a full set of 'real' teeth! :) hehehe I just love rating you out!
Aunt Cici

Tricia said...

Looks like all of you had a wonderful time at VT! I love seeing pictures of the kids in action.

Lisa said...

You're comment on kids going up the slide really sent me back to my days of teaching preschool. "Up the ladder and down the slide" was a true mantra!!!

Love the picture of Kylie in the "sade." Classic!

Nancy said...

We spent the weekend with 3 of my RIT friends. Dave said something similar on the way home, how my RIT friends have taken him in!