It was only 20 months ago!

**I've been a "crazy posting mama" the past few days, (this is my scrapbook of the kids and I've got to get as much down "on paper" as possible so I don't forget) so be sure to scroll down to catch all the latest.**

Last week I took a trip down memory lane and watched Beth's girls grow up before my eyes. After a trip to one of the nearby parks I couldn't help but pull up pictures from our last visit there, back in August 2007 when we came up for a weekend to visit Lottie and her family. 20 months brings about AMAZING changes in a toddler...

"Hey Lottie, haven't we been here before?"
Kylie was not really a fan of the carousel back then ~ it was her first ride.
Enjoying the same "merwy go roun" 20 months later.
"Um, Lottie, do you know how to drive this thing? I think I want off!"
"Woo-hoo, I'm gonna be a speedboat racer!"
Haven't they grown?

P.S. ~
This picture just makes me laugh because I can almost hear Kylie saying, "Mom, really, do you always have to get all 'mushy-gushy' when you think that 'the last time we were at' some place I was so much smaller?'
And Caleb's thinking, "Oh man, it's my turn next..."


Amy Woods said...

That is a HILARIOUS last picture! I can almost see them saying that too!!!

Michelle said...

My how they have grown! Keep up with it while you can they grow faster as they get older.

Anonymous said...

What 20 months can do!!! Too cute! Hopefully the next twenty months will add more kids to the picture and you all will be back in Charlotte!!!
Aunt Cici

Saundra said...

Wow, what a difference. I just have to see them more often - they change too fast.

Larry and Carol said...

Great pictures. The faces and commentary on the last picture matched perfectly. Funny and sweet. AC

Donna said...

Love the last picture! It's amazing how fast the time goes and how quickly they change! Enjoy every minute !!!

Tricia said...

20 months is a long time at this stage of the game, isn't it? I'm lovin' Kylie's outfit!

Lisa said...

seeing how fast the grow sure changes your perspective. Seriously, they will be in college tomorrow!