Wesley Weekend ~ The Duck Pond

In addition to all the friends we got to see for Wesley Weekend, we also got the bonus of seeing Ian's brother, Josh, who is finishing up his sophomore year at VT. Kylie amazed both Ian and I by remembering that "Unca Dosh lives wif my odder Grandpa" (remember we had just visited my grandfather who all the great-grand kids call Grandpa Curly) even though she had not seen Josh since last July when we were visiting DC with Caroline's family. We were pretty impressed with her memory!
On Saturday our schedule was tight so we met Josh for a quick lunch as Souvlaki (A Blacksburg must ~ YUM YUM!) but Sunday after church we were free until we headed home. So what do you do with a beautifully sunny Sunday afternoon in Blacksburg? Take a walk around campus of course! And no trip to VT would be complete without a stroll to the Duck Pond.
Our original intention was to feed the ducks our leftover bagel pieces from the hotel breakfast bar. The ducks were either already "over fed"...
...or intimidated by Caleb's exuberance of throwing because they never ate a morsel of what we threw. Maybe they have become spoiled and now prefer Panera bagels to hotel continental breakfast bar bagels?

At any rate, we just "pulled up a spot in the low tree branches" in the shade and spent time together as a family.
Kylie showing off her "cool side!"
You'd almost never guess Caleb and Josh had just met the day before.
Kylie and Caleb search for the "perfect perch" in the branches.
(Note Ian's hands on the ready in the bottom right corner...)
I don't know what they were talking about, but the conversation sure was animated!
Uncle Josh was pretty popular! He was such a natural with them both!
Just a fun shot.


Tricia said...

I can't believe that's Josh. I never would have recognized him. Kylie's too cute wearing your sunglasses.

Heather said...

Love the last shot - just something about it. Sounds like you guys had fun and the weather looks wonderful. I am so ready for short and tank shirt weather everyday. :)

Nancy said...

The one of Caleb on Uncle Josh's back is so cute!

Lisa said...

What a wonderfully relaxed and fun afternoon you had! My favorite type of Sunday afternoon.

That is an amazing tree! I have NEVER seen branches that large so low to the ground!

The picture of Caleb on his uncles back is soooooo cute!!

Laurie said...

Oh, the daddy and the daughter on the tree picture is A-dorable!! And I loved your idea on my blog today- don't you love making things "traditions", even things like popcorn during Target runs? :)

Anonymous said...

Precious, precious, precious!!!
Aunt Cici

Our Journey said...

I somehow missed this post from a few days ago! How sweet are these pictures? I love the one of her in her glasses & the one of her w/ daddy in the sweet!!

Grandma Shultz said...

What a nice relaxing day at the pond. Delightful that you got to spend an afternoon with Josh. Would not have recognized him. Can see that Kylie and Caleb were quite taken with him.
Love, Lao Lao