My (late) birthday wish

I should have gotten this wish out on my birthday, but as "seems to be my life now," I'm running a bit late...

I was so celebrated on my birthday that I feel almost shameful asking for more. But the more isn't for me, it's for a cause that is near to my heart!

I suppose it is obvious that our lives have been radically changed by the miracle of adoption. And while being adoptive parents doesn't define us, it has shaped the way we think about the world. Part of my heart was left behind in China when we came home with Kylie and I'm not sure I'll ever get it back. We give back when and where we can, and one fun way we are going to do so as a family next month (the day after Ian's birthday ~ hint, hint) is to participate in Bring Me Hope's Night Walk. Basically Bring Me Hope is an orphan care organization that gives kids a week at camp where they learn about the love of their Heavenly Father, even if they don't have a family to call their own. (check out their website here ~ but have a tissue handy if you plan to watch one of the videos, you may need it...)

As a family we've paid $100 to register which will send one orphan to four of the five days of camp. Our dream would be to have folks sponsor us to send at least five kids ($125 each for one week of camp) to attend Camp Bring Me Hope this summer.

A week at camp may seem pretty insignificant to us, but when you read what some of the kids who've gone before have to say, it's clear that this is no ordinary camp!

“I have gotten a lot of love and care from you. I have never felt so good before; no one in my life has been concerned with me like you. It’s you and the friends at camp that bring me hope and give me sunshine.” -Joe

“This week is my most unforgettable time of my life, ever! And happiest! Every time you gave me kisses I always remembered them because kisses from you opened my heart. Maybe only I can see those kisses.” -Kelly

“This week I felt really good. I got not only happiness, but also friendship, unity, and security….The existence of you is just like a beautiful picture in my life.” -Tom

(These are just a few of the quotes from kids who've attended Camp Bring Me Hope. Really, it's worth a look at their site to read more. Go to ~ you'll be glad you did!)

Ian and I have witnessed the "empty eyes" of children who don't know the dedicated love of a family before. With time and love we've seen those eyes change. We want to help change the eyes of at least five children still in China this summer. If you are willing to sponsor us (no matter how big or small!) as we walk on May 15 as a family, please email me ( for my address.

Ian and I both would consider it a very happy birthday present!

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Anonymous said...

We'll support you!!!! You know our hearts are with orphans!
Love Aunt Cici