Snuggle up!

Caleb has become a pretty sound sleeper. I would say that nine nights out of ten you tuck him under his covers (so different than Kylie who totally refuses to sleep under even a sheet) and you can count on him sleeping for pretty near eleven hours solid.

But every now and then we hear him start whimpering and then calling for Mama. I'm a sucker for that combo and usually go to check on him. (Typically he has gotten uncovered and is cold). That was the case last night. His chubby little feet were uncovered and cool, so I helped him get snuggled back under his covers. He peeked out of only half opened eyes, smiled, and laid his head back on his pillow, murmuring "Tahnk oo Momee!" I thought he was back out and then suddenly he opened his eyes and sat up. Apparently his panda (the one he received from us in his care package prior to our arrival in China) was also uncovered and he pulled "be be" closer, tucked him under the covers ~ just up to the neck ~ and then laid back down and was sound asleep. If it hadn't been so dark still in the room I would have taken a picture of my sweet little boy hugging his "be be" tight. Melted my heart I tell ya!

Obviously not taken while he was sleeping, but somehow captures that sweet intensity that is Caleb's personality.

PS ~ At the end of the one day we've already had several people commit enough money to put us at half of our goal for Camp Bring Me Hope sponsorship! Please refer back to the previous post if you missed it. A gift even as small as $5 can help make a difference!


Nancy said...

He is as sweet as pumpkin pie!

Lisa said...

Aaaaawwwww...why are they always the sweetest when they are half asleep?
Have I mentioned that he seems to get cuter by the day? He really is adorable!

Praise God for all your doing with Camp Hope! I can't wait until we return home and can begin to give back!

Anonymous said...

Caleb is such a precious little thing! What a blessing he is to the whole family!
Aunt Cici

Tricia said...

He really is a sweetheart.

Grandma Shultz said...

This one melted my heart. What a precious little guy.. Caleb, I love you so much.
Lao Lao