Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Saturday night we had free tickets (via Ian's company) to the Durham Bulls (farm league for Tampa Bay) baseball game. As we pulled up I was thinking two things. First I realized that the ball park looked really familiar. And I guess after being together for so many years, Ian can totally read my thoughts because just as I was thinking that I'd been there before he says, "So the park looks really similar to Camden Yards (the Baltimore Orioles park), doesn't it? That's because the same architect designed the two." Funny that when Ian and I were dating, back in the days that he lived in Maryland and I was here in NC, his company had season tickets to the Orioles and we used to sit directly behind third base when he got his rotation to go to the game. (Major leagues just aren't the same to me since Cal retired...).

Oh yeah, the second thought, praying that we wouldn't have any close encounters with Wool E. Bull as Kylie continues to have INTENSE fear of any mascot or clown. (At least that continues to postpone plans to go to Disney ~ by the time she's no longer scared we should have all the points on our Disney card we need for a full vacation!) As we got out of the car she started asking if we were going to see any cows (yes Beth, she is still traumatized from the Chick-fil-a cow from the Crawdads game last summer!) and said that she'd really rather go home. We managed to convince her that Daddy would keep her safe and off we went to find our seats.

I guess you could say they were pretty good...

Yes, I'm showing off my incredible manners by putting my feet up on the seat in front of me ~ aren't you proud Mama?
Despite the fact that one of Caleb's current favorite things to say is, "That's loud!" (which sounds more like "Dat loooouuuuuddd!") he was totally enthralled with the entire experience. The crack of the bat, the entertainment by Wool E. Bull in inning switches, the cheers of the fans, and of course, the ball game food! And in this picture he was actually pointing to Wool E. and getting ready to yell, "Come here!"
Kylie on the other hand pretty much thought the entire experience was "old school." I think her highlight was the hot dog, but she did pay attention when a home run was hit by one of the Bulls.

The rest of the week last week was thankfully relatively "non-eventful." After our crazy month of April (being gone three of four weekends and LOTS of weekday activities) it was nice to have a slow week. Oh, and for those of you who were so impressed by the fact that I had a camera in the grocery store, that wasn't my Rebel. Our old Sony "point and shoot" has become the "purse camera" and I almost always have it handy for those times when you don't want to carry a "big girl camera." And actually Caleb did a remarkable job steering his cart, especially considering it was his first grocery store cruise!


Laurie said...

That hot dog is bigger than she is!! Ha! :) Man your kids are cute!

Ally said...

looks like a wonderful family day at the ball park.

Angela said...

We're all looking forward to attending one of those games while in Durham. And as always, your kids are adorable :)

Anonymous said...

nice pedicure! Maybe if I do mine, summer will actually arrive here and I can stop wearing boots and start wearing my Reefs!

Jordan Carl said...

Looks like fun! The first baseball game! Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I will get better at this eventually.

Donna said...

So glad Caleb enjoyed the game (Kylie will come around!) - there's nothing like watching your kids soak all of that stuff in!! So fun!!
Great seats & cute toes!! I love putting my feet up at the ballpark - if there's room that's how you're supposed to sit!! :)
Now off to price some LV Iron Pigs (seriously!) tickets - you've inspired me!!

Anonymous said...

ah, there is nothing like a spring afternoon hearing the crack of a baseball hitting the bat! Brings back Wingate memories of sunning ourselves beside the ball field.

Glad the kids enjoyed it!
Aunt Cici

Grandma Shultz said...

Nice pedicure! Kylie, you are so much like your mother. She doesn't like masked figures either.
She would scream and cry when a clown came near her - in fact Aunt CiCi is the same as well. That hot dog looks yummy, would like to have one right now. Caleb, I'm glad that you like the whole expeience.
Miss all of you,

Nancy said...

Ahhh... I so love baseball!! My dad used to take me to Orioles games all the time at Memorial Stadium when I was a kid. I am going late June for my birthday for FREE! Yup, the Oriole give fans free tix for their birthday's. I can't wait!!!!

I bought a little Nikon for my purse when I don't use the big girl camera but I really don't like it. The exposure and focus is terrible! I used to have a little Sony point and shoot that worked well until it died. I really need to read the manual for my mini camera. Pretty sad for a photo major, huh?!

Tricia said...

Oh, I want to eat a hot dog with Kylie. Yum! I like the toes in your picture too!

Lisa said...

I'm soooo jealous!!! I grew up going to Angels and Dodgers games often and really miss them. We have spent our "adult" lives in parts of Tx. where there isn't a team. High School games are as close as we get.

Great pedicure, btw, and thanks for the idea of keeping a small camera on hand!