More "day one" beach fun

Ian and I really made an effort to spend some time exploring the beach with each child individually, but they honestly had the most fun when they were together, either checking out the water canon

Pretty much the "obligatory shot of me on the beach" to prove I was really there...
or hanging out in our "dug out pool" together.
Kylie teaching Caleb the "I'm a lobster, pinch, pinch" game ~ click here to see it from last August.
Splashing is so much more fun when it is shared with someone you love!

Answers to a few questions:
We were at Holden Beach as dear friends allowed us to rent their home at a fraction of the summer season rate.
No, Caleb's swim trunks were not actually meant to be "pants." I ordered them in the smallest non-infant size, at least he can still wear them next year (and maybe the year after that). They actually only came down to mid-shin when they were pulled up, but we had them cinched as tight as they would go and they just kept sliding. It got worse after they were wet!
While the swim outfits are adorable and provided much less stress in slathering the kids up in sunscreen (the outfits are SPF 50 themselves), I'm not sure I'd recommend them for two reasons ~ 1. The tight weave of the fabric is a "sand holder." I've washed them according to the directions and there is still a ton of sand stuck in them. On Caleb's it doesn't look too bad, but the gray sand stuck in Kylie's pink shirt makes it look dirty.
2. The surfboard decal on Caleb's shirt and the flower/butterfly decal on Kylie's shirt have almost completely peeled off from one wearing and then washing EXACTLY according to the recommended washing instructions. I found a plain navy SPF 50 shirt for Caleb at Target that was $7.99 that he wore the next two days and the decal stayed put on his. I'm going to contact the company (UV Sungear) and see what they have to say...


Anonymous said...

oh how much fun!!! They look like they were having a blast!
Aunt Cici

Donna said...

I'm officially jealous now - we love Holden Beach!!
So glad you guys had such a great time!!! :)

NaiNai said...

Too bad about the suits - they are so cute. I really love Caleb in that color blue. It is such fun seeing the kids playing their beach games - lobster, splashing, water cannon. The last picture of Kylie is beautiful.
Love, Grandma M

Pam said...

Holden Beach~ Nice!

C.C. said...

So glad you guys had a nice time!!