A week of sun, sand, & surf!

It was wonderful! The weather was delightful and provided us only one rainy day for shopping. We slept late, made sandwiches, slathered ourselves in sunscreen and headed to the beach each morning. A few days we brought Kylie back to the house for a nap, but a few of them we simply let her nap on the beach. Late in the afternoons when we finally decided we were tired of sand in our shorts we'd head back to the beach house.

This year Kylie was still not crazy about the waves, but she sure enjoyed the "tiny wawa" (commonly known as tidal pools to adults). I spent less time out in the ocean and more time sitting in the sand this year than since I was a child myself, but I'm not complaining. Each morning Kylie would wake up, come crawl in bed with Ian and I and ask with that precious child anticipation, "We goin to de ochen today?" Wish I had the camera to record the smile that followed our answer of yes!

Headed out to the beach the first day ~ and no, I didn't ask her to pull the wagon, she asked to pull it because she is a self professed "gud heper!"

I love to hear her getting ready to be a big sister. She only played with this truck the first day and then wanted us to leave it at the beach house because it was "for my baby Ta-eb!"

One of Kylie's many "Godzilla" impressions ~ man does she LOVE to wreck sandcastles!

Quiet time with mommy in the "tiny wa wa."

The whole family spent a lot of time sitting in sand and less than six inches of water!

What age do we start hating to get sand all over us? Apparently it is sometime after the tender age of 2! Kylie was content to be covered as long as someone was playing with her ~ most of the time it was her loving daddy!
The lobster game. How do you play? That's simple, just use your elbows to do an army crawl in a tidal pool while making pinching motions with your hands saying, "I'm a lobster ~ pinch, pinch." (Or in Kylie's words, "I'm a lobber ~ pinsh pinsh") By the way, I love to watch the two of them interact!

When you leave the buckets and shovels up at the beach house, don't fret, "frocks" will do to transport sand from one place to another. In this picture it was a series of scooping sand from the castle and putting it on Aunt CiCi and Uncle Adam's tent...

The whole gang ~ Mickey & Ann (Adam's parents), my mom, Ian's mom, Adam, Traci, me, Kylie and Ian ~ already looking forward to Sunset Beach 2009!

More on Sunset '08 to come...


Laurie said...

Yeah! You're back! Loved the beach pictures- and so glad you guys had a great time!

C.C. said...

So glad you all had a great looked like a blast!!

Nancy said...

Looks like you had a great time! Just think, next year at this time, you'll have Caleb! I can't wait to do stuff like this with Noah.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kylie... I won't sit in the sand for just anyone!!! She makes everything more fun though!
Aunt Cici

Ralf said...

Believe it or not... I thought to myself "you know that beach" even before scrolling down and seeing the "Sunset '08"-picture. After so many years :) Great to see that you all had a great time! Sending you greetings from Germany, Ralf.