They're killing me...

...with their overwhelming cuteness ~ both in looks

Kylie had picked out and was wearing a totally different outfit this morning but when she saw Caleb was going to wear his overalls she raced to her room to get hers so "we mach Mama!" And you better believe that pretty much everyone in Food Lion did a double take and commented on my cuties today!

and determination. While I was getting dinner together tonight it got quiet in the house and I went to check out what was going on. They were sitting in Kylie's room reading books, so I went back to food prep and didn't think that much about it. When it came time to put on pajamas after bath, Kylie couldn't find her beloved Strawberry Shortcake nightgown (especially special because it used to be "cousin Abby's" ~ not to be confused with her friend, "China Abby.") in the pajama drawer. (I've moved her pj's and underwear to the bottom drawer so that she can pick them out herself. I think that I like that she puts them on completely by herself now too.)

Anyway, I knew that nightgown had been there earlier today as I was putting away clean laundry, but I told her that I was sorry and that she should pick something else. She then looked at me and said, "Oh, I know, it's in my Hello Kitty suitcase!" (Why she didn't think of that before she almost went into full panic mode I'll never know). Now that thing was empty earlier today, but sure enough, we unzipped it and the missing nightgown was there along with several changes of clothes for both of the kids. I asked her when she filled her bag and she said it was while I was fixing dinner. (Guess that explains Caleb coming out in his Cozy Coupe with several hangers in the storage area.) Then I asked her why they packed some of her and Caleb's clothes in the bag and she didn't bat an eye as she explained, "We were packing to go to China to get my sister..."


Heather said...

A sister ... good idea Kylie! :) They are so stinkin cute in those overalls. Thank goodness Eli hasn't noticed the little carts yet, not sure I could keep up with them both, ha!

C.C. said...

Precious pic!! Darby quite often talks about her sister and brother in China. I have no idea how we will ever get there to get them.

Nancy said...

They are so cute with their miniature shopping carts! Kylie is all about the sister, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

So sweet! She is such a determined little thing! They are precious!!!!
Aunt Cici

Jenn said...

Such sweet, sweet children! I wish when it got quiet in my house I could find Karleigh Mei sitting and reading books! She's usually in to something she's not supposed to be. :)

Should I be praying for her sister? :)


Grandma said...

A sister in China? I'm ready! She surely has been determined about this sister - aren't there also several others that she is talking about? Bring them on!

Anonymous said...

Don't leave the number to the airlines lying around...she may book the flight tickets herself. Maybe she needs to talk with the people in China who are always sooooo slow with the paperwork. Bet she could get them moving.

Miss you guys,

Donna said...

Oh my goodness,they just get sweeter by the day!!
(And I'm really impressed that you carry a camera to the grocery store with 2 toddlers!!)

Tricia said...

Whoa, you let Caleb driving a grocery cart? How'd that go? :)

Lisa said...

Aaawww!!! They are adorable pushing the shopping carts!! And you are brave. I would have been in panic mode, afraid of bruised and battered ankles. Amazing that you had your camera while grocery shopping!

Kylie is one determined little cookie! I love it!