Christmas through Caleb's eyes

Christmas morning ~ 10:10 am

Fun shades out of the stocking from LaoLao.
"Outta my way, I have a fire to put out!" Cool firetruck ride on toy from NaiNai.
"What do you mean drive them on the road?" He's starting to get the concept of driving the cars on the mat from LaoLao.
Putting the frog tent from Adam & Traci to good use!

Caleb's overall reaction to Christmas morning?
"Wow, we get to do this again next year?"


Our Journey said...

He just has the best facial expressions!! And those glasses --what kid wouldn't LOVE those! Anne Marie is a glasses freak - she has at least 5 pairs.

Anonymous said...

Where did Adam & Traci get the frog tent? My boys would love that! And it would get used a lot (back yard, beach...).
Happy New Year!
Stephanie Y

Anonymous said...

Cutie patootie! Sorry the frog was a little bigger and more complicated than I anticipated!
Aunt Cici

Lisa said...

I'm so loving following your story and getting to know you through it. What a joy to see Christmas through totally new eyes! Maybe next year will be white.
Many Blessings!

Mom of Triple As said...

Love the glasses!

Anonymous said...

What a gift to have Caleb this year and watch his expressions and sheer joy. You'll have to put elastic on the glasses to keep them on his little face - he surely looks cute in them.
Love, LaoLao

NaiNai Miller said...

Caleb didn't have any problem following big sister Kylie's lead opening presents. You could hardly tell it was his first Christmas. It was so fun to watch his excitement.
Love, NaiNai