Dreaming of a White Christmas

One of these days we'll see one here in central NC ~ we didn't see it this year, that is for sure!

Christmas day ~ 12:45 pm

Kylie requested to take a treat to Felicia and Ripkin (mom's cats).
Yeah, it was a bit warm Christmas day.

Christmas day ~ 4:30 pm

Later we decided to enjoy the weather and take a walk through the horse pasture down to the pond.
"Hello Rusty!"
"Hey guys, that horse just kissed me!"
I can just imagine her saying, "Caleb has so much to learn about being on Dahma's farm with the horses..."


Our Journey said...

The picture of Caleb after visiting the horse is priceless! Such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Oh fun on the farm! What a great day that was.
Aunt Cici

Mom of Triple As said...

I love the picture of Caleb getting kissed by Rusty and I have to say that is not Felicia's best side.

Anonymous said...

What a warm Christmas day. Seeing Kylie in just her diaper on the back deck is amazing when you know that it was Dec. 25th! Caleb was so brave walking right up to 1200 pound Rusty. That giggle and smile after the "horsey" kiss was just too much. I remember the day when Kylie was in the field with me as I was going to feed the horses. She walked right up to Rusty, tilted her little head back and said "hello, big boy". I about cracked-up! What wonderful memories these children are registering in my mind.
Love, LaoLao

NaiNai Miller said...

I love watching the kids run around your mom's farm. Kylie will have to show Caleb all the ropes, although it looks like he has a good start meeting the horses. It was wonderful having all of you here for Christmas.
Love, NaiNai