Kylie's Christmas

Christmas morning ~ 10 am

After we watched Kylie and Caleb check out their Santa gifts it was time for them to open presents from NaiNai., LaoLao., and Adam & Traci. There was one present and one stocking for Kylie from each of the three.

I did have fun with my camera and caught some fun expressions/excitement with most of the gifts!
Intently checking out something (at this point I'm not sure what).
Hello Kitty suitcase "WIF wheels!" from NaiNai
True joy in her Hello Kitty tent from LaoLao that came with a sleeping bag and water bottle. Note that the suitcase is inside with her ~ as new gifts were opened they entered the tent too!
Gazing at a personalized snow globe from CiCi.
"What could it be?" Following in the Hello Kitty theme this year, it was a gumball machine.

My girl had a good Christmas!


Our Journey said...

The tent is such a cute gift! I bet she loved it. I'll have to remember that. Hello kitty is a big theme around here too. Anne Marie gets Hello-kitty from everyone - probably becuase her referral pictures came with her in a hello-kitty chair & we all thought it was too cute. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day. It was so fun to watch her face. Hello Kitty was definitely the star of the day in Kylie's eyes!
Aunt Cici

Mom of Triple As said...

Loving the pictures. (make them bigger!) :)

Anonymous said...

Her excitement was contagious! What a blessed day.

NaiNai Miller said...

She knew what to do with the presents this year!! Christmas with little ones is so much fun. She cracked me up late in the day when she asked if there were any more presents!!
Love, NaiNai