Hanging out and hamburgers

Last Wednesday was time for our annual "Thanksgiving mini-Guangdong gal reunion." We visited with friends that we now consider family, watched our children interact with each other, tried to get some group pictures, and did our best to consume some GIANT hamburgers. By the time we left about three hours had passed and the tables in our (okay, mostly just where Caleb had sat) were trashed, but we were grateful to have been able to gather together over beef to celebrate!

Darby, Kristin, Lottie, and Kylie

Just because I think it is fun to see how much they've grown in a year...

Kristin, Kylie, Lottie, and Darby ~ November 2007


Cindy M said...

SOB!!!!!! You know how I hate missing out! And, WOW! Did those kids change in a year or what? I pulled out Caroline's Christmas sleeper from last year...18 months...she can barely fit in it now, but it was big on her last year.

Kristin's hair is GORGEOUS! She looks so much older! WAH! Why won't C's hair grow thick and, I don't know...ASIAN???

Loving your blog posts...I am SO behind...I have one partially done, but I have to work all day today. Okay, pity party over...miss you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. Those girls have all gotten so big!
Aunt Cici

Mom of Triple As said...

I can't believe how much all of them have changed. I know you can relate to my growing pains over Abby growing so much. It does hurt just a bit, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I am BEYOND JEALOUS that you all can get together... I SO WISH we were closer, and could see you more often. I miss you!