Grandma's visit

While mom was here things simply started to get better ~ don't they always? I took some naps, slept better at night, and had someone to help BOTH of my kids feel special and loved instead of having to focus on just one of them at a time. We didn't go much of anywhere, but her company and reassurance that I was doing just fine by my children was so comforting.
Saturday night an old friend from CCC stopped by to meet both of my kids and we ended up going out to dinner at Applebee's. I learned that night that both Caleb (just like his big sister) LOVES corn dogs. Lora gave each of the kids some adorable clothes and when she left it was bath and then bed time. Sunday we went to one of the churches that I won't bother visiting again. The preacher was awesome, but no one, NOT ONE person would make eye contact with me. It was like they were avoiding "the dreaded stranger with two kids" at all costs.
Add to those outings the trip to Grand Asia Buffet, the grocery, the park, and BJs and you pretty much have an idea of our time together. One thing that I realized Monday night that week was how much fun it is to "create a recipe" with my mom. We looked at what we had on hand and figured out how to make a Chinese themed meal that Caleb inhaled ~ well, except for the vegetables.

The kids cooked right along with us!
For some reason I don't have many pictures from while Mama was here, but I love this one of she and Kylie leaving the park!


Lora Vann said...

And I was so glad to finally meet your adorable children in person- finally!!!!! Hope yall are doing well!

Nicole said...

Looks like you all had fun.

Anonymous said...

Okay--I noticed Kylie had the purse on while she is cooking. I think you have a future princess. I can't wait to show Anah when she gets home from dance.

I know you had a great time with your mom there. Hope to see you guys soon!