Colleen at Continental is my new buddy!

So in case you ever need to get seats reserved for an international flight with a 2 1/2 year old after one slightly unkind ticketing agent tells you that there are no seats currently available for folks that aren't "elite" customers, try calling at 12:45 am! My friend Colleen made the choice to over-ride the elite seats to guarantee that I'm sitting beside Kylie and that Ian is in front of us. Not perfect, but much better than none of us having seat assignments at all!


Anonymous said...

God is so good!!! We miss your little family at church, but am so glad that you are all together with the exception of Caleb. He is so adorable. I can hardly wait to hear and see Kylie's reaction to her "little" brother. Travel mercies be with you all and we will be praying for an easy transition for our new one into the family. Keep us all informed for we will be anxious to hear.

Cheryl & Dave

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Know that is a relief for you. Reserved seats! I won't be surprised if the person next to Kylie won't give their seat to Ian so you all be together.

Caleb, I am so anxious to meet you!

Love, LaoLao

Anonymous said...

That is great! Yay
Aunt Cici