Time keeps ticking, ticking, ticking away!

So about zipping up the suitcase last night... I'm close. I gave a valiant effort before the tired jollies took over and I just had to rest for a few minutes (or hours if we must be technical).

Today I'm quite certain that during Kylie's nap I must have unpacked, adjusted, repacked, and then weighed the duffel that is "the kids's suitcase" at least five times! Currently it is quite full of clothing, snacks, a bottle and formula packets for Caleb just in case, pull-ups, medications and gifts for the orphanage staff. The good news is that it weighs about 35 pounds, a full 9 under the in China flight weight limits for luggage! And that means that once Caleb is with us we can add 44 more pounds of stuff so I have plenty of room to shop!


Yesterday Kylie's Uncle Alexander and his mom came over to visit for dinner. It took her a few minutes to warm up, but before long Kylie remembered Alex's visit from Easter this year and was quite excited to play with him. As the lasagna cooked, we walked over to the park to enjoy the crisp fall afternoon. There are moments that Alex makes certain expressions and it stops me in my tracks how much he looks like Dad!

Alex is an awesome uncle and patiently helped Kylie scoop a big pile of sand!

Next time we see Uncle Alexander we'll have to find a park with a triple slide! He's pretty excited about having a nephew too!

**Oh, please pray for Ian as he is working on completing his project for work. It is a HUGE deadline and he is feeling so much pressure. We know that God has given him the talent to do the work, it's just that he's so very tired right now. (Ian requires a lot of sleep, usually about 9 hours a night and the most he's had in one night since mid-September has been about 6). Please pray that God will grant him the endurance to finish, and the physical stamina to stay healthy as he does it!


Anonymous said...

I'm praying constantly for Ian and this project. I have to believe that God will work this out as He has worked out all of the other details in your life in the past 6 months.

How nice that Alexander and Jenny got to visit with you. Understand they are much closer to you in Raleigh so you'll be able to get together more often.

Love, LaoLao

Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys!! Really great to see Caleb getting integrated into the family. We can't wait to see him stateside!
Chad & Caroline