Did I mention snacking?

What is it about the beach that makes me (and apparently everyone in our family ~ especially Kylie) hungry all the time? While I was browsing through my pictures I noticed that a whole bunch of them were of Kylie eating...

Of course we had our share of typical beach snacks ~ chex mix, Cheetos, & goldfish.

My girl insisted on having "mih owwwn bag" of goldfish!

And then there were Kylie's two "super special" snacks, watermelon from "Mimi" (funny that her word for Mickey is the same as her word for milk ~ just perhaps a different tonal pronunciation...)

Seeing the determination to get the first slice still cracks me up! As if she didn't already love Mickey, him bringing her a watermelon to the beach sealed the deal!

and a orange creamsicle that Daddy brought back from the house one afternoon.

Be sure to click on this picture to get a better view of the melted Popsicle running down her belly!

And since this post seems to be all about eating, I'll throw in two other "only on vacation" indulgences. One was sharing my crab legs at Joe's with my little one who knows the good stuff. I made the mistake of giving her one taste and before I knew it she was helping herself ~ literally!

Despite reaching into my bucket of crab legs and helping herself, I do have to credit her with asking very politely, "Can I have dese?"

And then there was the ice cream. No, we don't only eat ice cream when we are on vacation. We just don't usually have it EVERY night...

"Oh ice cream cone, how I love you!"

So we had good times on the beach and good eats! It's time to start getting back on the scale...

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Anonymous said...

Good times good time. Although it already feels like a distant memory. Kylie is always a joy to have anywhere. I love the shot of her and Mickey!
Aunt Cici