Wordless (almost) Wednesday

This year we continued the "white dress" photo shoot tradition. I fired off over 200 pictures in about 30 minutes. Here are just a few of my favorites... (you can click on any of them to view them larger)

I know every parent feels this way, but isn't she stunning? Man, I can hardly wait for next summer when she'll be in a white dress and Caleb will be in a white shirt and khaki shorts! They are both individually beautiful children, but together they are gonna melt hearts!

Speaking of Caleb, today we are 68 days into the wait for our Referral Approval from the Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs. Come on CCAA ~ I want my son home!!!


C.C. said...


Our Journey said...

I just LOVE the pictures of darling little girls in white dresses @ the beach .. we do the same thing w/ Anne Marie. What cute pictures you will have when both of them are together!! Something awesome to look forward to.

Cindy M said...

You did a GREAT job on the photos! And she IS stunning!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

She is stunning! you are so blessed!
Love Aunt Cici

Nancy said...

Love them!!!! Is your hubby really holding her with one hand! Wow, that's strong! Can't wait to see the pix year with Caleb!

stephen said...

two words: gor geous!