Preschool day 2

Yesterday morning when I whispered to Kylie that she got to go to school she again popped up and was ready to get out of bed. The poor kiddo was still exhausted from our time at staff training and then the whirlwind weekend, but she managed to smile for me with her entire school ensemble (backpack and lunchbox ~ and yes, she's entering that "I wanna wear a dress" phase) before we headed out.

All in all she had a good day, though she was a bit more clingy to me than she was on day one. I'm chalking most of that up to being wiped out (she napped for 3 1/2 hours when we got home) and think that she'll be just fine next Tuesday when she goes solo from me. My only problem with her right now is her shoes. You may as well call my girl "Shoeless Joe Jackson" because she kicks off her shoes as soon as she walks in the door at home and frequently does in the car as well. (Yes, she most likely picked that up from me ~ my ideal place to live would be somewhere that I could be barefoot or in flip flops year round). Yesterday I had to remind her to put her shoes back on at school no less than 15 times. The first day she wore flip flops and I thought Tuesday wearing her "frocks" would help, but it didn't. She even took them off twice out on the playground which is covered in shredded mulch. I could put her in tennis shoes with socks, but that makes me feel bad because I myself loathe wearing closed toe shoes when it is so hot outside! Any suggestions on how to keep shoes on her feet?

On another note, despite being at CCC staff training and eating "not exactly like I should" for a week the scale continues to show slow, steady progress from my last weigh in. Shirts that had become too tight to wear are now looking nice again, others are beginning to notice and in general I'm feeling much better about myself ~ not to mention that I'm feeling much better overall!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kristi! Know how hard it is to keep up the discipline.

Kylie, I like your dress, backpack and lunchbox. You are really "styling".

Love, Lao Lao

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic Kristi. You are so disciplined. I too have noticed how nice your clothese are fitting now.
Love, Kathy

Allison said...

No suggestions for keeping her shoes on! Maggie isn't allowed to wear sandals or flip flops at her school. We did get her some mary jane type fake crocs that she is allowed to wear to school though.

Yay for dresses! Maggie looooooves to wear a dress!

Bella's mama said...

Congratulations~ I was so impressed and awed when I saw the picture of the scale. You go girl!!!

Your daughter is beautiful~ I look forward to reading through your blog



Anonymous said...

Kylie you are such a big girl!
I love you,
Aunt Cici