CCC Staff training 2008

**This is a "flashback post," I'm behind on blogging ~ Ian and I have been sharing a computer since the day we got home from staff training**

I love being involved with CCC by helping out with staff training! This year I was the "head chef" (translate being responsible for planning, shopping for, and preparing 3 meals a day for 50 folks for 5 days), got to lead a session on leadership and management, and was involved in most of the worship services. It is an exhausting long weekend, but it is so rewarding to be part of watching 37 college students train to become servant leaders for the summer!

It is also wonderful to watch them love my child! Somehow I have no pictures of Kylie with her college buddies this year, but I did capture some of her finest ~ and funniest ~ moments.

"You should give cocktail sauce on corn a try!" ~ Kylie enjoyed our low country boil dinner!

"Okay dahma, I'll make you a deal. I'll finish my fruit if you'll take me to schwing!"

"Ah, sweet Trix cereal puff ~ now that I've found you plain cheerios will never do again. I'll have a talk with mom!"

A little mommy daughter time between lunch clean up and dinner prep...

"I hep cary!"
Despite the fact the cross weighed almost as much as her, Kylie insisted on helping "Unca Adham" as he unloaded one of the vans.

And perhaps my favorite ~ the comparison of how much better she fit in the sink bath last year to this year. Same sink, same girl ~ just bigger! What will we do in summer 2009 to keep the girl clean?


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

great pictures but LOVE the sink ones.. really gives you a glimpse of how much she has grown huh!?
Hope you have a GREAT week

Laurie said...

adorable pictures!!! I'm glad you guys had a good time. I bow to you- I can barely get 3 people fed every day, let alone 50- wow!! :)

C.C. said...

Looks like you all had a blast!!! I love the sink comparison pic....that's amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of you and Kylie swinging. Those moments are priceless. It's nice to have it captured on "film." Where did Ian say we buy that stuff? The antique store?
Mom of Triple As

Anonymous said...

CCC staff training is always fun, but with Kylie it makes it so much more fun! She is so stinking cute!
We sure had a good time. Too bad there are no pictures of Kylie and Mom running from the ducks and beating them with the bag of bread! Now that would be priceless!
Aunt Cici

Anonymous said...

Staff Training was wonderful. Especially because I got to spend time with my precious little Kylie - when the staffers, Aunt Cici, Uncle Adam, Mama and Daddy didn't have her. Being with all of those young folks who love Jesus is infectious. After the first day, Kylie had figured out that they were all kind people and was very much at home.

As Aunt CiCi mentioned in her comment - feeding the ducks would have been something to catch on film. I took my little angel for a walk down to the pond to feed the camp ducks with a bag of bread ends. We went down the steep embankment and started to throw bread into the water. The ducks came across the pond but they didn't think we were feeding fast enough and came out of the water and started to hiss and flap their wings at us. This frightened Kylie (and me, too!)
I thought - not on my shift are you going to bite her. I grabbed her up and started swinging the bag of bread at them until I could
back up the hill as they kept coming at us. Grandma to the rescue! We got away. The rest of the week, Kylie would look down the road towards the pond and say "No, no, duck!" and swing her little arms like I had been swinging the bag of bread.