Summer has arrived

One thing about NC, you KNOW when summer arrives in full force! We were fortunate and had a delightful spring this year, but high temps and humidity have arrived and we are forced to spend most of our time in whatever air conditioning we can find. Kylie of course thinks that she doesn't mind the oppressive heat, so Monday we spent about 30 minutes in the garden.

Despite the scorching sun, our green beans are going crazy and we picked enough for two to three dinners for us. Kylie thinks the garden is really cool and was a big help picking the beans while I took care of a few weeds that are poking through the protective layer of straw. There were also a small handful of snap peas, but those didn't make it out of the garden before my girl smiled a mischievous smile and scarfed them down like candy. Her other joy was that the raspberries are getting ripe and we managed to get about 10 for her to snack on before we made it up the hill to the house.

Sure, it was hot outside, but her obvious delight in carrying our bounty made each drop of sweat worthwhile!

Later that evening we went to have dinner with friends. We were relieved for the invite because Kylie loves their daughter Susannah and frequently takes her flip flop off in the car, holds it up to her ear, and "calls" Susannah. It cracks me up to see her holding her shoe like a phone and saying, "Hehyo Su-Sanh-Uh! Doin?" The two are 1 1/2 years apart, but I think that there is a life-long friendship developing between them. I also think that Kylie is tired of talking to herself on the flip flop phone because it appears that she was trying to teach Susannah how to use it...

Girls ~ how funny are they?


Anonymous said...

My little outdoor "sprite". Her growing friendship with Susanna is so special. We all need those special friends.

Anonymous said...

I think it is neat that Kylie loves vegetables and now she can see where they come from. What a great connection. And I love that blue dress - so pretty. For a 2+ year old, Kylie sure has lots of friends. Terrific!!!
Love, NaiNai

Anonymous said...

what a cutie-pa-tootie. She is going to be such a healthy eater!
Aunt Cici