Party time!

Abby (of the triple A's) turned six this weekend. It so seems like just yesterday when she was a toddling two year old the summer I watched those kids! Just this week she finished her kindergarten year ~ wow, time flies!

We celebrated by gathering at her house for her favorite meal ~ PIZZA followed by a High School Musical cake and plenty of ice cream. After we were all full, it was time for presents. The sugar rush from snow cream ice cream and chocolate cake sent us all outdoors (despite the heat) to burn off some steam. With the exception of the motor powered "motorcycle," all the toys we broke out were "old school" and we had a great evening.

"Shall I read you a book Andrew?" The younger kids got bored watching Abby open her presents...

"Now sit here baby..." At least she's getting better at treating her baby than last year.

This one cracks me up ~ she sticks out her tongue out just like her daddy when concentrating!

Jumping rope with the birthday girl.

Cousin Sara shows her skill with the hula hoop.

I'm not sure what you call this contraption, but we sure had fun trying it ourselves and of course, monkey see, monkey do...

Who needs video games and television to have a good time?


C.C. said...

Kylie looks a little too comfortable on that motor bike;-)

Anonymous said...

It's a Harley! We're going to give her some tattoos and a doo rag next time. :)
Mom of Triple As

Cindy M said...

"My dance wih Ky-yee!"

Love, Caroline

Anonymous said...

Kids birthday parties are so fun why don't we have that kind of fun for grown-up birthday parties?
Aunt Cici

Anonymous said...

What a fun party. I laughed until my sides hurt at the jump roping, hula hooping, whatever that ankle thing is called. The adults were more fun to watch than the little ones! How blessed that we have such a big extended family. Kylie you have so many family members who love you!