Mothering instincts are natural?

I thought that mothering was an innate characteristic of women. You know, that we all dream of motherhood from an early age and are born with the loving spirit to nurture and care for our young. At least that was up until Wednesday night...

"I can't get my baby to fall asleep. I'll just mash her face into my armpit for a while."

"Maybe it will help if I cover her eyes..."

"What do you mean she can't be comfortable like this? I've almost had enough!"

"I don't know how she ended up on the floor, honest!"

"I'm sorry baby, I won't toss you to the floor again! I love you!"

Well, maybe there is hope that it will be a learned behavior!

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Jeff and Valerie said...

If instincts are natural then we are in BIG trouble. Malia doesn't like dolls and she barely tolerates stuffed animals!