Growing pains

We're home from staff training. All three of us are exhausted from the heat, short nights, and time out of our normal routines, but we had a wonderful time. All meals were served within 30 minutes of scheduled time and this year I didn't turn any bacon into something that resembles charcoal... Details and pictures of my child enjoying her time being doted on by 37 college students to come soon.

But tonight my focus is on another matter. Tomorrow my little one starts preschool. Physically I'm ready for this ~ her lunch is packed, teddy is in her new bookbag (along with a change of clothes), and her outfit is picked. Emotionally is another story! I can hardly believe that she has gone from my uber shy, timid, ultra quiet baby to the gregarious, outgoing, chatter box that she is today in just 15 months. I have mixed feelings about her going. One minute I feel that she'll love the interaction with other kids and the next I think that we're making her grow up just a little faster. I am so grateful that she and Ian had the special bonding time on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the past year while I was at preschool, but I have to say that we're both looking forward to having Tuesday and Thursday nights back as a family.

For now I'd better get some sleep ~ tomorrow is going to be emotional enough without me being exhausted...


Our Journey said...

We'll pray for you all this morning!! We've been struggling with sending Anne Marie (she'll have 3 years in pre-school if we send her this year) so I just keep thinking one more year @ home & then she can do 2 @ pre-school -- I feel your pain!! I can't wait to hear how she felt (and you) after her 1st day!!

Anonymous said...

Dahma Mur is definitely not ready for this!! When I saw that little backpack I almost started crying. I know Kylie will have a wonderful experience once the newness wears off. I wish I could be a bug in the corner to watch her.
Love, nainai

Anonymous said...

My little angel going to preschool?
How can that be?

Kristi, I am praying for you. You are at a wonderful preschool; it is only 9-1; you will be there for the first few days; she is very social - all works out for a delightful experience for Kylie.

Love, LaoLao