It was a day

I'm going to be real honest and say that this afternoon was one of those afternoons that was no fun as a mom. My little angel's halo was crooked when I got home from preschool and she and I had a most unpleasant start of nap time experience. Add to the fact that Kylie hasn't been sleeping well in the afternoons (and yes, many have suggested that perhaps she doesn't need a nap anymore, but trust me she does!) and she's really tired. For whatever reason she slept for only about 35 minutes today ~ thankfully long enough for me to hop on the elliptical for a while ~ and then boy howdy was she in a mood when she woke up. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING was making her happy and she was VERY vocal in that unhappiness. I was just about to lock myself in a bathroom just to be alone for a few minutes when Ian came to my rescue and suggested that we go outside despite the rain clouds hanging over the house.

I pretty much pushed Kylie out the back door and immediately her demeanor changed! Gone was "stormy Kylie" and back was my little sunshine angel. She started smiling and wanted to go get the broom to sweep off our porch. (Apparently Chaucer heard that parsley helps bad breath and wanted to freshen up for his parents ~ the good news is that I think the parsley plant will survive). Shortly after we went out the clouds parted and we had about 30 minutes of sun, so Kylie and I planted a few herbs, watered the herb garden and the porch flowers and played in her rice table.

So "all is well that ends well!" My sweetie returned to me with just a breath of fresh air AND the scale seemed to recognize that weight is something I'd like to see on a downward trend.

It's a good thing too, I had already decided that if it went up again this week that I was going to lie and say my camera was broken or something... I was in need of positive reinforcement!


Laurie said...

Sorry to hear about your less than fun afternoon, but I'm glad it improved!! And congrats on the loss- that's AWESOME!!! :)

Anonymous said...

"All's well that end's well" is the old saying. Glad that our little sunshine girl showed-up before the end of the day and that the scales went down. WooHoo!

Anonymous said...

Woops sorry about the parsley!
And by the way I don't believe you little Kylie being in a bad mood... I'll never believe it! :)
love Aunt Cici

Our Journey said...

Isn't it amazing how a little running around outside can change the mood!! & .. Yea! for you & the weight-loss!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

How did I not know you lived in Charlotte? Geez, I have a few bloggy friends from that area that I could have met up with. My friend Pam is so disappointed that she has nobody there for play dates. Maybe you should get together with her.

I'm looking forward to your visit to Ohio. I definitely would like to get together!! :0)

Jeff and Valerie said...

Outside time always seem to lift their little spirits. You just sorta wonder what sets them off.