Classic "Kylieness" and CiCi joined "the wagon"

In random "Kylieness" I present a tiny portion of the evening entertainment. I call it "S-q-u me!"

A funny discussion I witnessed between Kylie and Ian (as she was enjoying her "ear cleaning jellybeans")...

Kylie ~ "Whas dis?" (holding up her second jellybean, asking what flavor it will be ~ last night's random selection by her was buttered popcorn and margarita)
Ian ~ "I don't know, maybe chocolate (guessing by the dark color)
Kylie ~ "Whas dis?" (again trying to figure out the flavor)
Ian ~ "I can't tell."
Kylie then puts the jellybean in her mouth and starts to chew it
Kylie ~ "Whas dis?"
Ian ~ "Definitely grape!"
Kylie ~ "Gelbeen"
Ian ~ "It's grape, I can tell by your breath!"
Kylie ~ "GELBEEN!"
Ian ~ "It's grape baby!"
Kylie ~ "NOOO, GELBEEN!"
Then Ian realized that she thought he was telling her it WAS a grape...

Kylie's Aunt CiCi decided that while I may have been somewhat crazy that there may be something to publicly posting weight. From here on out she and I will be riding this wagon together. Monday will be her night ~ here's the start...

Hey little sis, here's to the days we could eat whatever we wanted and still wear our much smaller high school clothing sizes!


Cindy M said...

That video was HILARIOUS! Is she saying "excuse me"? Too funny!

And I'm still not posting MY weight! But I'm still on the exercise wagon...

Laurie said...

OH, she is just SO cute! I love the little crawling game- so sweet. Her voice/vocabulary is exploding and so fun to listen to. BRAVE sister- you go, girl! Yea, still not posting mine, but considering the wagon at least!

Anonymous said...

What a fun game, Kylie. Maya is so patient!

I am proud of you girls.
Am still too proud to put my weight out there for everyone to see....haven't weighed for months, guess I'm afraid of what I'll see!
I'm praying that God will help each of you reach your goal so you'll feel wonderful about yourself.

NaiNai Miller said...

Kudos to both of you for being on the wagon. You have inspired me to get back to exercising and cutting back on snacks. It is always easier when there is support from other people. On another note, what a blessing that Maya is so patient with Kylie. It is so cute the way Kylie says "squme"!.

Anonymous said...

Isn't kylie just a joy to all of us!!! She is so fun and precious!!!

And for the weight thing, I figure it isn't like people can't tell I've gained weight, they see that everyday... A number is just a number. If I lied and said I was 125 everyone would laugh behind my back and say yeah right!!! :) This way at least people will know if I have been doing my part in trying to lose weight! :)
Aunt Cici