Can you guess?

Have you had one of those days lately when you think everything is finally going to go your way for a few days and then you remember something dreadful? Like how about that even though you've known for months (and even got a reminder in the mail back in late February) you've let renewing your driver's license creep up on you and suddenly you recall that it expires TOMORROW! Good grief, I work at preschool tomorrow and then I'll be spending who knows how long during the afternoon with a squirmy toddler in tow at the DMV. Not exactly how I had planned to celebrate my birthday, but it could be a lot worse!

But all is not lost on the birthday front, because I'm getting a FABULOUS gift tomorrow. (Of course that is provided that FedEx ~ they've failed us three times now on overnight delivery ~ gets the package where it needs to be tomorrow) Here's the picture, any guesses as to why I'm considering putting a package into FedEx a birthday gift to me?

***As we were waiting for Ian to be ready to go to FedEx with us, Kylie and I went outside to check the mail. When she began requesting dandelions I had to go get the camera because with her speech improving every day, I didn't know how long she will sound as adorable as this...



Cindy M said...

Gimme a D....gimme a T...gimme a C!

Yay! And Happy Birthday!

Miss you!

Love, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kristi, Happy Birthday to YOU!!! :) 35!!! That's a biggie! :)
Kylie looks so cute "mo Bo"! And congrats on sending out your package!!!!
Aunt Cici

Cindy M said...

We watched the video this morning...Caroline's comments...

"Ky-yee go 'BO'! (insert raspberry blow, followed by raucous giggles)

Too funny, these girls...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Miller family!!!! Happy Birthday Kristi!!

Love, The Pages

Laurie said...

DTC is an AWESOME birthday present to yourself. You'll NEVER forget this day! Congrats from someone who knows what a labor of love that package is! :) Happy, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo. A new child will be on the way. What a blessing that Kylie could actually drop the dossier into the Fed Ex bin!

"Mo Bo" - what fun. She'll find plenty in my yard on Sunday.

Love, LaoLao