Recipe for breakfast

Take one toddler, have her (or him if you wish) pour 1 cup of water into a pan.

Allow said toddler to dump in a handful of raisins.

Bring water to a boil and add 1/2 cup oatmeal. Reduce heat and stir for a minute. Pour into bowl and add plenty of milk and brown sugar.


**For the record, when I asked Kylie what she was eating she responded, ".Ohmea. I hep Dada make ohmea!" Pretty funny considering Daddy was across the country when we made it ~ you think I've got a Daddy's girl on my hands?


Anonymous said...

Kylie, I'm so proud of you helping Mama make your oatmeal. Grandma will start letting you help with Sunday meals. I can use a good helper like you.
I love you,

Anonymous said...

She is going to be a chef just like momma!

aunt cici