Looking for eggs left by a bunny?

You know, when you think of it some of our traditions here in the states are pretty weird! I mean, a kind rabbit visits your yard and leaves eggs? And not just any eggs, but either colorful, dyed, hard-boiled eggs or plastic ones filled with candy. Yeah, weird ~ but lots of fun when you add about 40 other kids and your church grounds...

Kylie participated in her first Easter Egg hunt today. (Last year she was barely walking and still quite intimidated by large groups). I'd say her first highlight was seeing her friend Susannah when we walked into the fellowship hall. After a few minutes at the play-dough table and the craft centers, it was time for the hunt to begin. Kylie's age group was out on the playground area.

"Okay, so I pick these up and put them in my bag. I wonder why all the other kids have baskets?"
**So I didn't think about getting her a basket until we were walking out the door ~ not exactly enough time to swing by Target... She was quite happy with her Valentine's Day gift bag!

After she had picked up 5 eggs, Kylie decided that the swings looked like more fun!

"Wait for me guys!"
**After a snack time, Kylie seemed to get into the hunt a bit more ~ perhaps it was mostly because the playground wasn't there to distract her from the task at hand!

"It's beezy and I'm cold!"
**March was coming in like a lion! Wind gusts were recorded at about 40 mph around our area, I'm sure some of the eggs are in the next county!

Memories in the making...

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Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of the easter egg hunt! But swings... now that is real fun!
Aunt Cici