All is right again!

To all the single moms and women whose husbands are on business trips more than they are home ~ I have a new-found respect for you!

I walked in your shoes this week as Ian was on a business trip. 4 1/2 days nearly did me in with a toddler who desperately missed her daddy and an oversized Golden Retriever who kept getting quite muddy in our rain soaked yard! I was exhausted!!! Ian got home from CA on the red-eye this morning and finally all is well in Kylie's world! Oh to have had a camera when she woke up, saw her daddy's face, and smiled the sweetest smile I've ever seen...

Just to prove that she was losing her mind while he was gone, Wednesday she pulled off her clothes, pulled the sweaters off her Easter duck and lamb, and declared that she was going to go, "Ni ni" on the couch. (Losing her mind because it was 4:30 in the afternoon and she had just gotten up from a 2 1/2 hour nap at 3:30 ~ this girl HATES to go to sleep...)

She snuggled down for about 5 minutes and then popped up, laughed mischievously, grabbed the old camera, and started pointing at everything in the house saying, "Say chee!"

We're so glad Daddy is home!


C.C. said...

Not much sweeter than daddies and daughters:-) Welcome home Ian!!

Anonymous said...

Naked babies are so cute!

Autn Cici