A blur

So much has happened in the past week! Last Saturday we celebrated Kylie's birthday again ~ this time a bit more formally with close family. We went out to celebrate Kylie's NaiNai's (Ian's mom) birthday on Monday. Friday Kylie and I drove halfway to ECU to pick up my brother who is spending the week with us. Saturday we attended a crazy packed Easter Egg hunt at a local park and today we celebrated our second Easter Sunday with Kylie at home.

As I think back on these events happening last year I am amazed at the changes in my baby girl! By the time I finally get my new computer I'm sure that I'll be too far behind to post pictures from the past two weeks, but take my word that this year these events were even better than last year when they were "the first (fill in the blank event) with Kylie!" She so got into the egg hunt yesterday and man oh man you should have seen her when she found eggs that the Easter Bunny left at her grandma's house today! She took off running with delight from one egg to the next. Instead of being a quiet but adorable presence at family gatherings she now lights up the room with her infectious smile and giggle.

Make no mistake about it, Kylie in her full personality has arrived! And yet I'm sure that next year I'll be thinking how much more she has come out of her shell when the beginning of spring rolls round again...

Oh, and by the way, Happy Easter to you! May you delight in the knowledge that even death could not stop Jesus from giving you eternal life!


Cindy M said...

Nice try, girlie! WE WANT EASTER PICTURES!!!!!

Glad to hear you had a great Easter! Caroline was equally into the thrill of the hunt! I just look at her and find it hard to imagine that tiny little baby girl they gave us a mere year ago.

Talk to you soon!

Our Journey said...

Happy Easter to you all! Oh how I miss seeing all your photos!! You never know how much you "love" you computer till it's gone! (ha)