Time with my brother

For eight of his 10 years, my little brother has lived in Maine. It's a wonderful place to visit, but because of the distance I've seen him only about once a year and those typically have just been long weekends. Currently though his mom is a nursing student at one of our fine Carolina universities and while they still live four hours away, four hours is a heck of a lot better than 22!

Nursing student spring break and grade school spring break don't exactly match up, so we have had the blessing of getting to have Alexander stay with us since last Friday. It is so nice to finally be able to spend some extended time with him. We had a busy weekend to celebrate Easter and then have had a few quiet days here at home. Yesterday while Kylie was napping Alex and I played VA Techopoly and then a few round of Yahtzee. I've missed out on so much of his life, but I must say that he is a pretty terrific kid. I hope that we get to see a lot more of him before his mom graduates from nursing school!

Kylie is totally getting into having him around and asks about him whenever he isn't in eyesight. I'm afraid that Friday will be a tough reality for her when he goes back home...

This week Kylie has also started singing along to several of the songs on one of our Caedmon's Call CDs. Every time we get into the car she'll ask for "Sher a wull" (Share the Well) and "Der ony wun" (There's Only One). Each day her words get a little clearer and the singing a bit more on key. I need to record her singing them before it stops being so darn cute!

Kylie also has some big news to share with her China sisters and other friends, but it's going to have to wait until I can post pictures on my new computer (it arrived yesterday ~ ahead of schedule ~ and Ian is almost done getting it ready for me...) Stay tuned for Kylie's big announcement!


Denise said...

Kristi - I love catching up on your family. I will be checking back to see Kylie's big announcement (Although I think going potty on the potty chair is huge! EmmiGrace loves to sit on the potty chair just not do anything.) Have a great time with your bother.

Cindy M said...

I am SO calling you later! How am I supposed to function the rest of the day?

Miss you! Wishing you were headed here this week...but I'm happy for you that you have time with your brother.

And, oh, by the way, I'm blogging tonight, as soon as I email my photos to Doug...AAAAAHHHHH...I'm so behind...

Anonymous said...

How nice to have Alexander for a week. He and Kylie got along like siblings - loved each other but could both get a little jealous of the other. Luckily there were lots of us to give both of them lots of love and attention. What a fine 10 year old little guy -very polite and loving. He seemed to really enjoy the time with his cousin, Adam Roller.