Today Ian granted me a few precious moments to check my email during the day while he went outside to throw tennis balls for Maya. (My new laptop was ordered from Dell last night ~ projected ship date is March 27!)

Kylie loves to hang out in his office so she sat here with me for a few minutes. Then she disappeared and when she came back in, she had something green in her mouth. I asked her what was in her mouth and the first time she shrugged her shoulders and said, "I duh no."
Upon a second questioning she simply replied a mumbled, "birday," smiled mischievously and ran out of the office. She's never been one to put non-food items (except chap stick) in her mouth, so I wasn't too concerned ~ but I was curious so I abandoned my email and took off after her to investigate. In the kitchen I found the Tupperware container that held the chocolate fudge frosted, sprinkled cupcakes left over from her birthday dinner with family Saturday night. Not one bit of the frosting was gone, but man were those cupcakes stripped of most of their sprinkles.

Really? She left the chocolate?

I tried not to smile at her as I asked how the cupcakes ~ still in the container ~ got off of the kitchen counter (bad mommy, you know she can reach that high now!) and onto the floor. All I got was a shoulder shrugging as she opened her mouth and said, "Uhhhh."

Then I asked again how the cupcakes got to the floor ~ just seeing if she'd fess up to the cupcake crime ~ and I got, "They jump, they roll!"

She cracks me up!


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

"They jump, they roll".. that is so funny!!! :0)

Cindy M said...

Caroline's story is always..."I hide it!"...the answer to where anything and everything is! I thank God every day for the laughter! What a bunch of characters our girls are!

I am missing you in blogland...can't wait to see new pics of Miss Kylie...

Anonymous said...

Kylie is so creative - using her crib story on the cupcake container. I laughed until tears came. What a blessing.
Nai Nai Miller