Computer blues...

...I've got them!

My trusty lap-top finally bit the dust over the weekend (I've been using it since May of 2004 when we returned from our stint in France) and even my own personal computer expert has been unable to revive it this time. I'm having blogging withdrawl so I took over Ian's computer for a few minutes. Of course I don't know how to upload pictures onto his computer so posting isn't nearly as fun with only text! Hopefully we'll be able to order a new one quickly and it will arrive before the promised two weeks so that I can get back to normal quickly. Then again maybe I'll decide that a cleaner house is better than an online journal...


One story to share today, my sweet "no longer a baby but I'll call her one anyway" baby undressed herself tonight and got her pajamas on without my assistance. It almost gave me chest pains!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Kylie, you are becoming such a big girl!!! I love you!!!
Aunt Cici

C.C. said...

Let's make a pact...we'll drive our girls crazy calling them our babies until they are 60.

Then I'll concede she isn't a baby anymore;-)