And we wondered about her crib escaping technique?

Guess this is a sign...

For the record, at church on Sunday Kylie added a tiny detail to her crib escaping story to her friend Susannah's dad. Two little words have put our search for a big girl bed into top priority. She told Joe, "I jump, I roll, I boo-boo." JUMP?!? In the words of my friend Cindy, "Enough with the poodles already!"

On President's Day Kylie and I were thrilled to have Ian with us for our "daily grind." We took advantage of the sunny skies and warm temperatures even though it was pretty windy and went to another local park. Kylie and I visited there last week and she proudly showed Dada how to go down the big slides without being scared. While we were there we ran into our next door neighbor, Madison. She is 6 months older than Kylie and they had a blast playing together until it was time to head home for a power nap!

On a bummer of a note, I came home from preschool early yesterday with the teeth chattering chills and a fever. This morning I still felt horrible and Ian took me to the doctor. Analysis ~ I've got the flu. Thank heaven that we have our moms and my sister nearby to help take care of Kylie!


C.C. said...

I love Kylie's recounting of the incident;-)

I hope you feel better soon:-)

Cindy M said...

Oh, Kristi! Hope you feel better...and I hope Kylie and Ian don't get it!

By the way, when our kids were in crib escape mode, we left the side rail down for a while before we switched to a big bed...the rail still keeps them from rolling out, but they can get out without JUMPING! And that's a pretty impressive six-word "sentence"! Can you believe the vocabulary all of a sudden?

Our Journey said...

Sorry you feel so bad!! Cracks me up she's climbing out of the crib -and seems proud of it- haaa- glad we've not gotten to that point yet!!

Anonymous said...

I left the side rail down on the crib too. If she's going to get out anyway, it's best to make it easier and safer.

Hope you're feeling better.


Anonymous said...

Kylie is so agile and loves those adrenaline rushes. Believe you'll be running to keep up with her before long. I'm sure she is full of upcoming surprises!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha kylie is such the little gymnast! She'll be in the olympics in no time. With are jumping and rolling and climbing!
Traci Cline

Jeff and Valerie said...

OOoohhh she is good. Slow and careful. Smart little cutie-pie!