A little time gazing

**I must take a sentence to say that Tamiflu is an amazing drug. (Hour long bubble baths are pretty good stuff too!) I'm still supposedly contagious, but I'm feeling much better already!**

Last night we bundled up and went to the front porch to watch the lunar eclipse. Kylie was attentive and really enjoyed using Daddy's binoculars to watch "muhn go ni ni!"

We didn't stay up for the entire thing, just long enough for the moon to completely fall into the earth's shadow.

This morning Kylie showed that her gazing doesn't only apply to scientific things that mommy and daddy think are cool...
I'm going with being glad that she's happy with what she sees in the mirror rather than worrying about vanity!


C.C. said...

So glad you're feeling better!

Laurie said...


You've been TAGGED- see my blog for the rules, and have fun! :)


Anonymous said...

"Muhn go ni ni" - how sweet. How nice that it was such a clear night and the eclipse was so visible. The moon became such an unusual color. I'm happy that Kylie got to see it.

Anonymous said...

She is so stinking cute! She is the next little beauty queen!
Aunt Traci