We'll wait for September...

Well, Tech didn't finish out the season the way we had hoped...

The loss in the Orange Bowl was disappointing, but toward the end of the "final comeback" attempt, Ian and I decided that if the Hokies managed to pull out the win that it would have felt somewhat undeserved. Last night KU played a better game. The most important thing though is that watching the season provided many afternoons and evenings of family time that we all enjoyed.

"Can we go to a real game together some day daddy?"

So even though a mean spirited comment on last night's post (it bugs me when folks hide behind anonymity) seemed to suggest that we're "fair weather fans," we're anxiously awaiting next season and will cheer on our team no matter what their record!

Anyway, back to Christmas memories...

Up the interstate and around the beltway, to grandfather's house we go!
The day after Christmas we left early ~ okay, well 8:30 is early for our family, we actually scooped Kylie out of bed and put her in the car in her pajamas ~ and headed to spend a few days with Ian's dad. About four hours into the ride we noticed a sign on I-81 for the Pink Cadillac Diner and decided to stop for lunch. It was quite a quirky little place, but the food was good and it provided us with an excuse to stay out of the car for a while to eat and explore the statues.

We're still not sure what King Kong had to do with pink Cadillacs, but the collection of statues was fun!

A few more hours in the car (most of which Kylie slept) and we arrived at Grandpa's house. There were more presents for Kylie to open, and then she and Grandpa had fun with her tiara.

"And now I crown you Princess Grandpa..."

We had a wonderful turkey meal and sat around the table talking, laughing, and telling stories for quite some time.

Thursday we got up and headed yet another hour north to visit with my Uncle Larry, Aunt Carol, and cousin Melanie. Melanie has two daughters, Ella ~ who is one month older than Kylie and Carly ~ who was born this summer. It was quite fun to watch Kylie and Ella interact, they had more fun together this time than when we met in Baltimore back in May.

"Cup of tea anyone?"

"So you like Elmo too?" ~ fake nap time...

I think they had more fun with the box to the kitchen (which of course Ella's Grandpa turned into a "house") than they did with the kitchen itself!

"I think there may be one more drop of ice cream in this bowl..."
We ended up staying all day and well into the evening. Aunt Carol whipped up an impressive dinner and after two huge slices of meatloaf, Kylie still had enough room for dessert.

Visiting with family is fun stuff ~ exhausting mind you, but fun!


Lora said...

No way! Josh and I have eaten at the Pink Cadillac Diner! I have a very funny pic to send u with the same king kong statue!
Glad to see yall are doing so well! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Take my Granddaughter away for a week? Talk about withdrawal! Happy that her Grandpa Grant, Aunt Carol, Uncle Larry, Melanie, Ella and Carly got to see her. Then of course, Jim & Ann; Craig & Keyoung; Maria and Shannon. Could hardly wait for the day they were returning. I kept Maya for them while they were gone; so, I had to take her home to them the evening they returned...couldn't wait until the next day!

Kylie surely is a good little trooper -traveling hours in that confining car seat, going from one home to another, meeting new people each day. I'm amazed at her resilience!