Let the game begin!

We're watching, and it's a family affair!

"Mommy and Daddy are taking too long cleaning up the dinner dishes. How do I get the game on?"

"Hey Dada and Mama, come on ~ the kick off is in just a minute!"

"Keep your head in the game Glennon!"

And yes, she really does focus on football! She could care less about Baby Einstein videos and most shows on Noggin, but she does love watching college football!

Go Hokies!


Anonymous said...

What did you have for dinner? a bagel, doughnut or a big fat goose-egg?? 10-0

Cindy M said...

Well, that wasn't very nice, was it?

Anonymous said...

A fan is always a fan. Go Hokies!
Kylie really gets into the game and her Dada's excitement. Love the pig tails.
Lao Lao