It's a new year...

...some things change. For example, Ian and I are now parents of an amazingly adorable, sweet, inquisitive, funny, stubborn, and curious child AND I've already started acting on my resolution to "declutter" the house this year (it may take months, but I'll go one junk drawer, stacked corner and closet at a time ~ one closet got finished today!)

...and some things don't! I'm still exhausted most mornings when the alarm goes off AND we must officially be in the running for "Most miles put on a Toyota in one year" contest.

New Year's Day we went in a HUGE triangle from home to Toast Cafe for brunch with Adam, Traci and the moms, then to Adam and Traci's to "undecorate" their house, and then back here with the family in tow to "undecorate" here. I always hate to see the tree come down, but it is nice to have the corner of the living room back...

Kylie was so excited to be home on Monday night that I decided a quiet day today would be in her best interest. We read books, ate breakfast, smeared that purple lip gloss from Thanksgiving all over, folded laundry, played with toys, shared some Oodles of Noodles for lunch, napped, played with more toys, pee peed on the potty (twice! ~ more on that later), and shared lots of hugs! It was a great day!

***I'm so far behind! The following is really just for me to remember our first Christmas with Kylie later.***

On December 23rd we held our first worship service in the new sanctuary at church. Hmm, I just had an interesting thought. Christmas 2005 was the last one in the old sanctuary ~ that was the year we started our journey to China, the last time we considered ourselves childless. Christmas 2006 was in the "temporary sanctuary" ~ better known as the fellowship hall ~ and that was the year we knew Kylie by picture, but not in person. Christmas 2007 was in the new sanctuary and was our first Christmas with Kylie ~ a new start for our church and for our family. Anyway...

Christmas Eve after our candlelight service at church we went to my aunt's house for our yearly fondue ~ otherwise known as stuff yourself WAAAYYY too full of delicious food ~ dinner.

Ian entertained Kylie and cousin Chloe while the cheese fondue was melting.

"That sure was a yummy meal! My belly is FULL!"

All too soon it was almost midnight and Ian and I still had some wrapping to do... (Okay, we had all of it to do ~ Kylie's stuff, our moms, Adam and Traci, Ian's dad, brother and sister, even our stuff to each other...) So we got our precious baby to sleep ~ no easy task since we had decided "it was Christmas after all" and gave her a spoonful or two of chocolate fondue (totally worth it to see that she instinctively knew to dip her strawberries right in!) ~ and got out the paper, scissors and tape.

We started Christmas morning here, just the three of us ~ well, four counting Maya. Kylie enjoyed tearing the paper off of her first gift and when she got it opened, Ian asked her what it was (a puzzle) and she responded, "uhhh, I dunno!" It was priceless and thankfully was recorded on video! Despite the fact that the puzzle box threw her off, she had no difficulty with her favorite gift...

"Oh boy! Eh-mo!"

"Pucker up Eh-mo!"
**This is the one she carried around the store the day after Thanksgiving.

After Ian and I exchanged gifts, we headed to Mama's house for brunch (Eggs Benedict and Nalaschniki ~ in the words of Rachel Ray, YUMMO!) Then we exchanged gifts with Mama, Ian's mom, and Adam and Traci which meant that Kylie opened about four times what everyone else did. She had to take a few breaks, but she had a great time. Kylie received many wonderful gifts, but it was an Elmo Christmas!

"I can tickle Eh-mo while wearing my sweatshirt and cuddling my Eh-mo mini!"

And I knew she would prove at some point that the wrapping is more important when you're not quite two!

The most important part of the day... both Daddy and Kylie out cold!

And then it was back over to our house... Mama cooked a meal, Ian cleaned up, his mom and my cousin entertained Kylie and I packed for our trip to DC. But we did take time out of the hectic schedule for Kylie to check out her stocking!

"Hey, there is MORE STUFF in here!"

What a glorious day it was!

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Cindy M said...

Too bad we don't live closer...we could help each other de-clutter! If I could only find time to get rid of stuff...and where on earth were YOUR piles? I didn't see a one when I was at your house?

Cute photos of Christmas...I started on mine last night and fell asleep! Oh, well...

Love you guys!