Impressions of snow

Well, the weatherman delivered his promise. It's a wet, slushy snow ~ but it's snow none the less and I'll take it! Of course the camera was ready to catch Kylie's reaction to what we assume was her first snow.

Trying to figure out why everything is white.
**I included this picture because it gives a good idea of how tall she is getting!

She kept her feet REALLY still as she tried to figure it all out...

"Seriously, 20 minutes of bundling for THIS?"

"Uh, I don't really want to play with my mailbox right now. I'm ready to go in!"


At least one of our girls LOVED the snow ~ but to be fair, this was Maya's second snowfall! The first was the day we left for China last year and she wasn't too sure of it then...


C.C. said...

Awesome!!! Enjoy your snow....

We just got cold rain:-(

Anonymous said...

Love the "all the bundling, for this?!" picture. Her expressions always show exactly how she feels.
Perhaps she'll like it better next time.

Cindy M said...

Yep, our southern China girls are not too keen on the cold stuff! Kylie's expressions pretty much mimic Caroline's...what is all the fuss about snow? And where are the palm trees? My favorite photo, though, is Maya catching the snow! Reminds me of our dearly departed doggies, Barney and Betty...they LOVED running in the snow and catching snowballs!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Awe, not a snow bunnie Kylie? You have to get used to that along with going really fast on slippery sticks!!! (skiing)
Aunt Traci