Happy Birthday "CiCi!"

Yesterday my little sis turned 32 ~ Wowzers! That officially makes me, well... older than that! Oh well, you're only as old as you feel, right? We went out to celebrate her day at Frankie's Italian Grill, a favorite place for Traci and Adam because that is where we celebrated their rehearsal dinner about 2 1/2 years ago. I know that I'm somewhat biased, but Kylie behaved like an angel while we were there ~ I think the wait staff at Frankie's was a bit surprised at how well behaved she was. (To give them fair credit, I think I was a bit surprised myself! I mean, she was REALLY good ~ thankfully ~ in a place that doesn't even have a kids menu...)

Birthday hugs for Aunt CiCi (Traci)

We were out a bit late last night, so Kylie decided to rest up this morning and slept until 10:03! When she finally woke up she helped me unload her dirty laundry from her hamper ~ one article of clothing at a time ~ into the washer. When I asked her if we got it all she responded by picking up the hamper and starting to collect things ~ like sippy cups and Tupperware from her drawer ~ and put them in the hamper. Maybe in her mind we were going to load the dishwasher next?

"Let's see, I've found a sippy cup, a bottle, a wooden spoon, and some Tupperware bowls..."

We spent the early afternoon at my cousin's house and Kylie got to hang out with Chloe. Despite a few sharing issues the girls had a good time together and seemed to enjoy the "girlie" company. And even if they didn't, Monica and I sure enjoyed getting to chat for a few hours...
After dinner tonight Ian had to make a few phone calls and I needed to fold some laundry, so Kylie got to watch her Elmo video for a few minutes. She quickly grabbed her chair and her "microphone" and intently studied the kids on screen so she could sing along!

"The wheels on the bus go round and round..."
Do we have a future American Idol contestant on our hands?

Tonight I'm like a little kid praying for the snow that's been forecast for our area. Sure, I love my job, but who doesn't love a snow day?!?

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Aunt Traci said...

Awe Aunt CiCi loves you Kylie! Thanks for being so good for my birthday party!