Elmo's potty training progress

Well, we've been stuck inside today after Kylie's reaction to snow this morning... We've dumped out her toy basket and had some fun! At one point she grabbed her mini Elmo and urgently said, "Pa pa Ehmo!" So we grabbed Elmo and ran to the bathroom!

"Good Ehmo!"
Yes, she really said it, and then asked me to get an M & M for Elmo ~ she didn't even ask for one herself ~ so I pretended to feed it to him.

Next comes the wipe to make sure the toilet paper did its job

And the diaper because Elmo isn't fully trained yet...

And last the jabber ~ and hug ~ that seemed to indicate she was pleased with him!

Wonder who will be potty training next?


Anonymous said...

Way to go Elmo! and Way to go Kylie! Keep up the good work.
Steph Y

aunt traci said...

Ha ha! Good job Elmo! And good job Kylie, mommy just told me you poopied in the potty! Love you aunt cici

Laurie said...

She is SO ready, Kristi! Training a doll is the last thing Allison did before figuring it out for herself. HOORAY!!

Our Journey said...

Love it!!! She's doing so well -- good for you guys!! Anne Marie got the "Elmo goes potty" book for Christmas -- maybe we need to get the doll too & that might help her go!!

Anonymous said...

She is just too much! How she has just figured this out all by herself. Kylie, I am so proud you! You are a good little mother to Elmo.
Love you, LaoLao

Stephen said...

That's awesome!!! You go, Kylie!!

I have to say that what caught my eye out of that entire post was the pair of hot pink cowgirl boots:-) How adorable!!