Late night snack

Today was another laid back day here. Kylie got up late (somewhat expected due to the fact that she stood in her crib and screamed from 11:11 until 12:04 last night ~ and that was the second screaming fit of the night... She started going to bed around 9:30. Please pray for bedtime at our house!) and we read books and put one of her new puzzles together about 20 times. We baked a loaf of banana bread ~ even my banana eating machine wouldn't eat the two in the fruit bowl ~ and sauteed up some little people lamb and pig with her cookware set. Dinner tonight was a buffet of left-overs, one of those fun nights to clean out the fridge and feel like you are at a pot luck dinner. Kylie scarfed down a big helping of the beef and broccoli she got last night at our favorite Thai restaurant (friends with cabin fever called and asked if we wanted to meet them there) and then we went to the mall because Carter's is having a clearance sale on their fleece pajamas.

When we got home Kylie said that she was hungry. Her attempts at getting into the pantry ~ finally got one of those door handle things, it works about 90% of the time ~ would make a heroin addict searching for his next hit kinda tame! I'm an awful person, but it really was funny! While it was a bit late we decided that we'd be more likely to get to sleep in tomorrow if her belly was full. So we decided to give her something to eat... Ian started with 1/2 a slice of wheat bread, but that was gone in about 1 minute, so I gave her the other half.

When that half of bread quickly disappeared we moved on to cheese. We're out of cheese sticks, but who doesn't love a good slice of American (ready to make grilled cheese and tomato soup if we do indeed get our next round of snow tomorrow!) every now and then. Maya was so tempted, but she stayed true to her "best dog in the world" status and lounged at Kylie's feet ready to devour any morsel that hit the floor.

Our poor hungry (can anyone say growth spurt?) baby signed and asked for more, so we moved on to green beans. Yeah, cold ~ straight out of the fridge. But she ate them like they were chocolate. Hope she doesn't have weird dreams...


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

wow.. that's some food selection. he he. Would have to be a growth spurt to eat cold green beans.. LOL just kidding. My kiddo does the same thing. It's like she has a hollow leg or something. Then we have nights like last night where she is up, wide awake and acts like she is hurting all over.. growing pains?? I'm wondering> Happy Weekend

C.C. said...

Oh, the joys of the difficult 2s (almost:-) I don't think they're "terrible."

Definitely sounds like a growth spurt:-)

nai nai miller said...

I never tire of your blog entries. They are so poignant and filled with humor. You are so patient through good times and not so good. I feel like you could win "family of the year" status. But seriously, it gives me such joy to read about your lives together and all the daily events. I feel like I have the best family a grandma could have.

Cindy M said...

Well, if she's eating you out of house and home, at least she's eating healthy...the other day I wouldn't give Caroline a drink of my "pop" (coke), and she got so mad after about the fifth no that she slammed her hand down and called me "bad girl"! I don't call her bad girl...I think she got it from the kids...but I about had a stroke trying not to let her see me laugh!

Anonymous said...

She is getting so tall and slender. Obviously, she is growing.
Will pray about her going to bed at night.