Uncle Alexander's in town!

I learned today a huge difference between boys and girls...

Little girls (or at least mine anyway) love hair bows, pushing baby dolls in mini-strollers, and purses.

Little boys (well, sorta little ~ Alexander has grown so much since I saw him in April!) love talking about sports, being stinky, and rough and tumble activities!

Luckily I have a husband that grew up with "wrestle mania" and he helped wear Alexander out before bed...

"What is Daddy doing? And who is winning anyway..."

No hard feelings (and thankfully no injuries!) between brother-in-laws!

After a LONG period of observation, Kylie decides to join in the mayhem and makes a flying move to pin her uncle! (Ian sees hope for family wrestle mania moments in the future...)

Before Kylie and I headed to Raleigh to meet Alexander and his mom to pick him up for the weekend, we met Amanda and her girls for lunch and a play date at the mall. There are several slides, but the favorite piece of equipment for all three girls was the chili pepper! Luckily my plan to wear Kylie out worked and she slept from the moment we got in the car after lunch until we got off of 440 in Raleigh to pick Alexander up! That way she didn't realize that she spent quite so much time in the car, right? (I know, I'm back in the running for World's Worst Mommy for the amount of time she's stuck in that seat...) Unfortunately Kylie figured out that her rear had indeed been in her seat far too long just about 20 minutes from home. It got pretty ugly for a few minutes, but Alexander saved the day with Cheerios and silly faces!

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Anonymous said...

Watch out Ian. With the rate that Alexander is growing, he just may be able to take you down before long. Looks like you both were having a ball. Kylie looks a little perplexed....what is Daddy doing? The picutre of Katherine, Suzannah and Kylie is priceless!
Kylie has so many wonderful friends.