Happy Halloween

Funny that I can't really remember what I had for lunch two days ago, but I can tell you that I vividly remember Halloween of 2005. Our log in date with China was August 26 of that year and at that time, referrals were coming around six months after log in. So it was a "safe bet" that by Halloween of 2006 we'd have traveled to China and be back. I distinctly remember walking around with Tricia and holding her daughter's hand and Tricia saying, "Just think, next year we will have one more Trick-or-Treater in the bunch. Your little girl will be here!" And at that time it was a reasonable statement.

Then the slow down started and I also distinctly remember Halloween of last year... I remember walking again holding Abby's hand and feeling so frustrated that referrals hadn't come out for that month yet. I could hardly believe that a year had passed and we knew nothing about our child. I was happy to be with my cousins and their kids, but I so wanted to be walking my own child around the neighborhood!

And this year I did! Kylie was the cutest little ladybug. She impressed the block party that makes kids do a trick for their candy by "pounding it" with her daddy. She won friends by signing "Thank you" with a HUGE smile on her face to every person that put candy in her bag. And of course she melted the hearts of her mommy and daddy who couldn't have been happier to walk the streets of our neighborhood with the child that is perfect for us. It was a happy Halloween!

Early in the day we spent time together making cupcakes for dessert for our family. Kylie did an excellent job of putting the liners in the tins!

Pre-Trick-or-Treating attire ~ we had a hard time getting her costume on because she wanted to wear her "bunkin" shirt!

Getting ready to head out: Adam as Darth Vader, Abby as a fireman, Sara as a jack-o-lantern, Kylie as a ladybug and Andrew as Spider man.

"Score, this lady is letting me dip again because I said Thank You!" ~ that happened at several houses...

"I'm getting a bit tired of walking all these hills Chaucer, can I ride you for a while?"

A "flower of kids" exhausted after an hour of walking up and down hills.

"That was so fun! Can we go again with me riding in baby's stroller? Oh, and let's give Maya a treat tonight too!"


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

definitely a cute ladybug! I'm a sucker for those "thank yous" too. Nothing wrong with getting an extra dip for being so courteous! :0)

Camille said...

Oh my gosh!!! Adorable ladybugs we have!!

Jeff and Valerie said...

What cutie! Love the "bumkin" shirt and the costume.