Fall Festival

Saturday morning I heard some rustling from the guest room and went to check out the noise. Alexander was up at 7:30 ~ guess he doesn't know the family rule of "you must sleep until at least 9 on Saturdays!" ~ and had opened his book bag to get his new comic book. I really wanted to go back to sleep, but I decided that while Ian and Kylie were sleeping was a good time for us to spend a little sibling time. We went downstairs, researched some information on the Apollo missions (he's a smart little fella!), played with Maya and he showed me the computer side of webkins. Before too long we heard Kylie's crib rails bumping and went up to get her. Ian was the last one up but he fixed us a great breakfast for letting him sleep in late!

Later on was the Fall Festival at Adam and Abby's (of the triple A's) school. Ian, Kylie, Alexander and I met up with Tricia, the triple A's, my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Roger, my mom, and "big Adam" (our family nickname for my brother-in-law to ease confusion between "big Adam" and "little Adam") at the school for an afternoon of games, eating, and enjoying the sunshine.

"Cotton candy? More like heavenly candy!!!"
While I was trying to bid on a few themed baskets everyone thought it would be fun to feed my child pure sugar...

"Do I have to stop digging and take a prize, or can I just pretend I don't see the dinosaurs in the sand and keep going?" And keep going she did...

Just trying to influence my girl at an early age on the fun of soccer!

Kylie's Uncle Alexander prepares to knock down some tin cans.

"Oh my goodness! Can you believe it is the duck game? I just LOVE this game!"

"Swim free duckies!"

"My mom says it's time to go, but I'll be back for you if I can! I love you duckie!"

Oh what I wouldn't give to know what goes through that little mind!


Cindy M said...

Okay, you are the queen of blog! I can't even try to keep up with you! Not that I'm complaining! It makes my day to have something new to read about what's going on with you guys! LOVED the duck pond pictures. Next summer when we have our reunion, we're going straight to the nearest Wal-Mart and buying a blow-up pool. I'll bring a pond-full of rubber duckies, and we'll let those girls have a blast!

I'm dealing with two sick kids today...and Mt. Laundry...I might just take some dynamite to that one! Gotta run to Wal-Mart, but while I'm watching my addict tv tonight, I'm determined to finish my post on Halloween.

Love you guys!

Aunt Traci said...

That is hilarious! Love the ducky kiss!

Anonymous said...

Can see that Grandma needs to buy a plastic swimming pool to keep sand and shovels (for cooler weather) and water and duckies (for warmer weather). Kylie really enjoyed both. It was a delightful afternoon out in the sunshine.