Another pantry raid...

...this time for raisins! (Click here to see her snatching graham crackers last time)

This morning I hear Ian saying, "Hon, did you give Kylie the raisins?" And because I didn't I grabbed the camera and went running into the kitchen to record...

"Aww, man ~ I worked hard for these. You aren't going to make me put them back already, are you?"

"The only way these could be better is if they were covered with chocolate!"

"Just a few more, okay?"

"Thanks for letting me snack. I'll put them back now."

Seems funny to say that I guess we'll have to move the raisins higher... Amazing how much she's grown! And today was her 20 month birthday ~ I need to stop blinking!


C.C. said...

I love that she worked that hard for raisins:-) What a healthy eater!!

Laurie said...

I love the piggy pajamas- too cute!! :) Allison still hasn't tried raisins- I need to go get some today and see if she'll eat them. They'd make the perfect snack!

Jeff and Valerie said...

Too cute! Good job Kylie!!!!