A very important date!

Friday night Ian and I went out on a date as just the two of us for the first time since January 31st (when we went to R&R Barbecue for our last dinner at home before being parents). Well, I guess that counts as the last date ~ unless you consider making a late night run from our hotel in Beijing on February 3 over to the Carrefour to experience total chaos in a Wal-Mart type environment as a date...

Anyway, as I waited for my mom to arrive (she was taking Kylie out to dinner with Ian's mom and then they were going to come back here to play) I tried to explain to Kylie that daddy and I were going out tonight. I'm not sure if she understood, but her expressions were pretty funny!

"So wait a minute, you're telling me that you and daddy are going to dinner without me? And I'm supposed to be happy about that? I don't think so!"

"Hey, Grandma just pulled up ~ you didn't tell me I get to hang out with her. Can you hurry up and leave already? Buh - bye!!!"
And after that Ian and I were chopped liver...

Our evening wasn't too extremely eventful ~ dinner at The Grape followed by shopping for black shirts to wear in our family photo shoot on Sunday ~ but it was nice to have time as a couple. Kylie had a blast with her grandmas and was sound asleep in her crib when we got home.

Saturday was pretty laid back and Ian actually got to watch an entire VT football game live! Of course Kylie and I were with him to cheer the Hokies to victory...

During half-time of the game.

And I just couldn't resist this one ~ Mom just it to me this week. Do you think Kylie enjoyed Trick or Treating?

We have another date night coming up soon...

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Our Journey said...

OH my gosh! So funny! I signed on the computer to write the SAME post tonight - then I saw yours!! We just went out oursleves for the 1st time -- it felt weird eating alone didn't it?!
I'm glad to hear she did so well!